Drain Tiling Information

A printable/viewable brochure filled with information about drain tiling.



A printable/viewable flyer with benefits of drain tiling along with pictures and information.


 Soil Benefits

Improved Soil Structure:  Tiling increases soil granulation to allow better water and air interaction with the roots.

Deeper Root System: Tiling creates air and water channels to encourage better root growth and soil penetration all by lowering the water table.

Better Soil Aeration: Tiled soil can percolate better, allowing water and air to reach the roots.

Reduces Soil Erosion: Soil erosion is reduced by increasing the capacity to hold precipitation while allowing the water to percolate through the soil. Tiling helps reduce risk of soil erosion while keeping the soil structure intact.

Faster Soil Warm-up: With more air in the soil, tiled fields have the advantage of a 5-15 degree soil temperature increase which promotes seed germination.

Crop Benefits


Consistent Seed Stands: Perfect stands are much more likely when soil is warmer and drier which is what tiled ground allows the soil to be.

Allows for Earlier Planting: Tiling promotes a longer growing season which allows you to plant earlier to gain your highest yield.

Increased Yields Even in Dry Years: Since tiled crops are planted earlier, have a deeper root development and can grow faster they are more capable of withstanding summer droughts.

Lowers Water Table : Drain tiling removes the excess water that drowns out your crop when uncontrolled and promotes deeper and a more even root development.


Farming Operations Benefits


Promotes Efficient Farming: Tiling allows for more efficient use of resources by producing consistent yields while also facilitating no-till conservation tillage methods.

A Longer & More Predictable Growing Season: Well drained fields allow you to begin planting 7 to 15 days earlier, and allow you to complete fall tillage programs later in the year.

Improved Planting & Harvesting Conditions: Since fields dry out more quickly with drainage, the number of days available for planting and harvesting crops increases substantially. 

Less Wear & Tear on Equipment: Tiled land allows you to be in the field more which allows you to get more done with less equipment in favorable conditions.

Tax Advantages: Annual depreciation of the tile investment is tax deductible.

Less Compaction:  Soil needs to be drained to avoid soil compaction and structural damage. Tiling can help alleviate the damage that soil compaction can have on your field and your yield.

Land Benefits


Increased Land Value: It is a known fact that your land value will increase with the installation of agricultural drain tile.